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West Leyden New York ViaSat Internet Provider

Why be frustrated with Internet service in West Leyden ViaSat serves cities throughout West Leyden with reliable high-speed Internet via satellite, bringing you the fast, reliable service you need at a great price, no matter how remote your location. Get up to 12Mbps download speed virtually everywhere. ViaSat works hard so you can work fast.


For the fast-paced lives we lead in New York, having constant access Internet service is a must. No matter what your reason for using high-speed Internet, its imperative to have dependable service that can be put through the paces of a busy New York life, with the speed you need and the extras you demand.

"I was trapped in the dial-up nightmare … Cable stops 3 houses down the road from me. DSL is to far away to be an option … Now with ViaSat I can enjoy the Internet like city folks. -Don, Streator, IL"

Gold 30

Unlimited Bronze 12

Download speed


Unlimited Data

Stream Small Screen quality video typically 360p


$70/month after 3 months

Unlimited Silver 25

Download speed


Unlimited Data

Stream DVD quality video typically 480p


$100/month after 3 months

Unlimited Gold 30

Download speed


Unlimited Data

Stream HD quality video typically 720p


$150/month after 3 months

On the Unlimited Bronze 12, Silver 25, and Gold 30 service plans, after 40, 60, or 100 GB of data usage, respectively, we may prioritize your data behind other customers during network congestion.


Visit our Installation Page and watch the video to learn about installation of ViaSat Internet. Relax, all ViaSat Installations are performed by a certified ViaSat technician. You choose the date and time that works best for you, and a certified ViaSat technician will take care of the rest. ViaSat also offers Internet Phone Service. Visit our Voice page for the details on bundle savings and ViaSat's feature-rich, reliable, voice service. Speaking of bundles, you can Bundle ViaSat Internet with DIRECTV and save even more. See our Bundle page for the latest promotional offers.

High Speed Internet in West Leyden. NY
ViaSat Internet Service Provider in West Leyden. NY


A hundred times faster than dial-up, and up to ten times faster than DSL connections, ViaSat's high speed internet network provides customers in rural areas and suburbs with far faster speeds than the competition, and at extremely competitive pricing. Save more every month, and get some of the fastest speeds around with plans in your area with the right amount of data allowance for your needs.

We've helped thousands of people get ViaSat Internet and the vast majority are very happy with their service. But please be aware ViaSat is not for everyone. ViaSat is fast but round trips from your home to the satellite in space and back make gaming problematic. Some games will work, others not. Steaming of movies can be a problem because movies, especially in high-definition, can use a large amount of your monthly data allowance. ViaSat Liberty Plans help reduce this problem with late nite downloads, but don't eliminate it. VPN's - some will work with ViaSat, some not. If you will be working from home using a VPN, talk to us about that before you order. Let us help make sure you'll be a happy ViaSat subscriber.


If you're sick of dealing with rising costs every month for your internet or telephone, we hear you. ViaSat provides a 2 year price lock guarantee on all internet plans. No increases in the base price of your service for two years. Promotional prices will expire before two years, after that you will pay the base price for the plan you've chosen. The base price of that plan is protected for two years.

Before you commit to ViaSat Internet Service please visit our Legal page and read the ViaSat Customer Agreement and Policies. If you're unsure about any part of ViaSat Internet please give us a call and let us help.

High Speed Internet Service Provider West Leyden. NY