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ViaSat let's you be more efficient in Minnesota. Whiz through email and your favorite web sites. Stream your favorite show seamlessly and download music faster. If you are looking for faster Internet connection in Minnesota, your search is over. Get fantastic connection speeds for superior performance. ViaSat is in Minnesota to provide excellent satellite Internet even in rural areas. Use the links at the bottom of this page to find your city and the ViaSat Offer details available there. Or call us at 844-734-2254 and let us answer any questions you might have.

ViaSat is the Smart Choice in Minnesota for High-Speed Internet Service

Welcome to ViaSat, the smart choice when it comes to high-speed satellite Internet service in Minnesota Why is it so smart? Powered by ViaSat-2, ViaSat's state-of-the-art satellite is the highest capacity satellite that has ever existed in the world. What this means for customers in Minnesota is that you can receive fast, reliable, high-speed satellite Internet no matter where you live. ViaSat provides download speeds starting at 12 Mbps that is always on and always working at the speed of light so you can have reliable Internet service 24/7.

ViaSat Difference

For the fast-paced lives we lead in Minnesota, having constant access Internet service is a must. No matter what your reason for using high-speed Internet, its imperative to have dependable service that can be put through the paces of a busy Minnesota life.

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Lightning-fast load times No more sitting around for webpages to load or dealing with pages that time-out?. ViaSat in Minnesota delivers download speeds of 12 Mbps resulting in faster web pages and quicker load times. You can even load more that one page at a time! Get immediate access to your favorite social media, email, entertainment, music, and even live stream the football game without glitches. ViaSat lets you enjoy more of what you love online.

Online streaming Smoothly stream all your favorite online shows and movies buffer-free with ViaSat satellite Internet. ViaSat's innovative satellite technology gives you strong, reliable high-speed Internet connections no matter where you live or work inMinnesota. Have fun binge watching your favorite TV series, have a family movie night, listen to music or play games online. It's all possible with ViaSat satellite Internet service!

Faster Downloads & Uploads with ViaSat In 2013 and 2014 ViaSat was recognized by the FCC as the #1 provider for delivering on advertised speeds! This means that the FCC found ViaSat in Minnesota consistently delivering on its advertised speed promise of 12 Mbps to its customers. When you choose ViaSat as your Internet service provider, you are choosing a verified satellite Internet provider that you can trust to give you always on service in Minnesota

Space-Age Technology From ViaSat

The future of satellite Internet is here in Minnesota With cutting-edge satellite Internet technology, ViaSat gives you high-speed satellite Internet that comes to you directly from our high capacity satellite in outer space! Ready to get connected? ViaSat makes it easy to subscribe by providing Minnesota customers with FREE installation. Our professional technicians bring high-quality equipment directly to your home or business and install it for free, ensuring proper set-up and working order. When your specialized modem and dish are in place, they will begin receiving a signal from our satellite communications system, and in a matter of seconds you will be connected! Start enjoying the Internet the way its meant to be enjoyed - fast. With ViaSat in Minnesota you can experience surfing the web at top speed, enjoy all your favorite media, and you can count on ViaSat to always be on without delay. Call our friendly, knowledgeable customer care specialists and get connected with ViaSat in Minnesota today!

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